Hotel Le Plaza – Sanitary Chart

As your wellbeing and health are our main concern, we have decided to implement additional processes during the 6 phases of your stay.
“Your health is our priority”

1. Reservation, arrival and check in

It all starts with a safe arrival, therefore we have enhanced our check in procedure by taking following measures

  • Before being given to the guest, room keys will be disinfected.
  • Payments and pre-authorisations have to be done by credit card. Cash payments are accepted exceptionally.
  • Plexiglas protecting screens have been installed at the welcome desk, this to protect both our guests and staff.
  • Upon availability, rooms will be allocated on lower floors to motivate guests to take stairs instead of elevators.
  • Pens will be disinfected before being handed to the guest, and again after every use.

2.  Room cleaning procedures

In order to provide our guests with a safe, carefree stay, we stepped up the room cleaning procedures with particular attention to high risk areas.

  • On top of the regular cleaning routine of our bedrooms we decided on 7 frequently touched areas that will receive additional disinfectant treatments
    • Switches and Electronic controls
    • Door handles and knobs
    • Bathroom surfaces & amenities
    • Desk and chair
    • Minibar and glasses
    • Telephone, remote controls and air-conditioning switch
    • In room documents (room directories, room service menu, do not disturb sign,..)
  • Housekeeping staff will wear protective masks and gloves: gloves will be changed between two bedrooms.
  • Bedlinens are cleaned by a specialized outside company, at high temperatures of 90°C and ironed with steam.
  • Bedroom amenities such as pens, notepads, envelopes,… Will be taken out of the bedrooms and are available upon request at reception at the number 970.
  • After check out, bedrooms will be left empty long enough to allow ventilation of the room.
  • In case of contamination, or suspicion thereof, the bedroom will be placed out of service for several days and fully disinfected by an external specialized company.

3. In house catering – Breakfast , room service & minibar

Guests can still enjoy our culinary delights. However, some procedure have been reviewed.

  • Capacity of the breakfast room will be reduced to respect social distancing, longer waiting times may occur.
  • Breakfast can be taken as room service or can be prepared ready for take away.
  • Minibar products are still available at the reception, but minibars in the rooms have been emptied.

4.  Events and seminars

As your meeting is our passion, following precautions have been taken.
We are of course more than happy to meet other requirements if requested.

  • Meeting capacities can be reviewed respecting social distancing.
  • Plexiglas protection screens can be installed at the event welcome desk.
  • Smooth check in procedures can be provided for groups.
  • Hand gel and disinfecting products will be provided at the entrance of conference areas.
  • Hotel staff will be equipped with protective masks. This service can be provided for event organisers as well as participants (additional costs may occur).
  • Meeting packages with buffet or seated lunch can be revised for more adapted catering formulas (lunchboxes, individually packed lunches, lunch taken in meeting rooms,…)
  • Food and drinks on coffee breaks can be individually wrapped. Coffee can be served by hotel staff.
  • Bigger groups can be divided in smaller meeting rooms or transformed bedrooms while the main event is transmitted via live streaming (depending availability & additional costs may occur).
  • Deliveries for larger conferences should be done on an agreed moment and can no longer be done several days in advance. Deliveries can only be handled by delivery company or event organiser and is not handled by hotel staff.
  • External suppliers for Audio-Visual material have confirmed they will be taking following measures:
    • Masks and disinfecting hand gel for technicians.
    • Microphones will be disinfected after every speaker (AV staff in charge for this).
    • Protecting screens are provided between technicians in the production area.
    • One translation booth per translator io shared (additional costs may occur).
    • Masks and hand gel can be provided to speakers as well.

5.  Departure and invoicing

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you again in the future; therefore we wish to guarantee you a smooth and safe check out procedure.

  • If requested, a digital version of the invoice can be sent per email.
  • Electronic or contactless payments are the new standard, cash payments are allowed if no other possibility.
  • Payment terminals are disinfected after every transaction.
  • Room keys can be dropped in a dedicated drop box and will be disinfected or destroyed.

6.  General hygiene and social distancing

Behind the scenes,we have taken several other precautions in order to provide a safe accommodation and a most enjoyable stay at Hotel Le Plaza.

  • Hand gel is provided in the lobby.
  • The fitness area is restricted to one person at a time.
    Access to the fitness area can be requested at reception and guests are invited to inform reception when finished. Guests are required to bring back the access key after use of the fitness, which will be disinfected before access is given to the next guest.
  • Social distancing lines will be marked on the floor at reception desk, welcome desk for events,…
  • Only 1 person at a time is allowed per elevator, except members of the same family that checked in together.
  • Upon availability rooms will be allocated on lower floors to motivate the guests to use the stairs.
  • Special waste bins for masks and gloves will be provided in public areas.
  • “We protect us to protect YOU”
    Staff members are obliged to respect internal safety measures:

    • Facemasks, regular washing of hands and hand gels become part of the uniform.
    • Social distancing is obliged in staff area and cafeteria. Lunches can be taken at the working desk from now on.
    • Bigger teams are split up into smaller teams to avoid contamination.
    • Body temperature of our staff will be measured each day at arrival and departure.
      This service can be offered at events as well (additional cost for staff or materials may occur).

These guidelines are subject to change according to further decisions taken by (local) authorities.

Laurent De Kerf, General Manager
Charly Vandevenne, Director of Operations
Lionel Lyardet, Security and Safety Advisor